Tom's Mulch and Landscaping

Proudly serving the Dayton Area for over 40 years

Tom’s Mulch modestly started in 1983 when Tom Grothjan opened the mulch and topsoil business. Judd Powell, owner of a local landscape maintenance company, was a frequent client. Over the years, Tom and Judd formed a successful business relationship which naturally turned into a personal friendship. Years later, Judd was offered an opportunity to purchase the business. He energetically expanded it to Tom’s Mulch and Landscaping which now includes stone and gravel, full landscaping services, snow removal and a specialty retail center.

Tom’s Mulch and Landscaping’s success is built on a foundation of personal relationships, quality products and great service. We will always strive to earn your business and look forward to being an integral part of the community for many years to come.

Toms Mulch building